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Case No. Type of Decision Applicant Date of publication Download
KI 17/09 Resolution
Misin Beqiri vs. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kosovo
Misin Beqiri 23.06.2010
KI 25/09 Resolution
Resolution on Inadmissibility: Shefqet Haxhiu vs. Workers Organization "Industria e Akumulatoreve"
Shefqet Haxhiu 23.06.2010
KI 06/09 Decision
Applicant X vs. Supreme Court Judgment Nr. 215/2006, District Court Judgment Nr. 741/2005, Municipal Court Judgment Nr. 217/2004
Applicant X 23.06.2010
KI 01/09 Resolution
Resolution on Inadmissibility: Ismet Bajrami vs. Respondent NewCo Ferronikeli Complex L.L.C
Ismet Bajrami 23.06.2010
KO 01/09 Decision
Qemajl Kurteshi vs. the Municipal Assembly of Prizren
Qemailj Kurtishi 21.06.2010
KI 13/09 Resolution
Sevdail Avdyli vs. Supreme Court Judgment A. No. 533/2006 of 11 September 2006, and Supreme Court Judgement A. No. 353/2003 of 2 December 2003
Sevdail Avdyli 18.06.2010
KI 50/09 Resolution
Afrim (Ajet) Haxha vs. District Public Prosecutor, Mitrovica
Afrim (Ajet) Haxha 17.06.2010
KO 01/09 Other Orders
The Constitutional Court wishes to draw the attention of the Municipality of Prizren to the terms of its Judgment in the case of Case No. KO 01/09, Cemailj Kurtisi vs. the Municipal Assembly of Prizren, dated 18 March 2010.
KI 04/09 Resolution
Spartak Dervishi vs. the Decisions of the Municipal Court of Gjakova, Decision No. and of the District Court of Peja, Decision No. 78/07
Spartak Dervishi 25.05.2010
KI 68/09 Decision
Emrush Kastrati vs. Decision of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, Pkl. No. 120/0
Emrush Kastrati 25.05.2010
KI 22/09 Resolution
Dedë Gecaj vs. Decision PKL-KZZ 76/08 of the Supreme Court
Dedë Gecaj 20.05.2010
KI 07/09 Resolution
Demё Kurbogaj and Besnik Kurbogaj vs. Decision Pkl. No. 61/07 of the Supreme Court, Decision AP. No. 510/2007 of the Supreme Court
Deme Kurbogaj and Besnik Kurbogaj 19.05.2010

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