Press release

Press release

02 November 2016

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, in cooperation with the Legal Reform Project of the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), organized a workshop on the topic: “Media and Institutions: Transparency vs. Confidentiality”, which was held in the Emerald Hotel, Prishtina, on 31 October and 1 November 2016.

The purpose of the workshop, attended by the representatives and the heads of the offices for communication and information of the national institutions, was to discuss the challenges faced by the Constitutional Court and other state institutions during their daily work vis-à-vis the national media.

Among others, matters such as the most practical types of communication with the media, drafting and development of the strategic communication objectives, selection of the most effective communication methods and the line between transparency and confidentiality in the work of the institutions vis-à-vis the media were discussed during this workshop.

The moderator of the workshop was Dr. Bernd Odörfer, Judge and Spokesperson of the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart, who had previously acted as a spokesperson of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany.

  • KI 25/16

    Constitutional review of Decision AC-I-13-0127 of the Appellate Panel of the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court on Privatization Agency of Kosovo Related Matters, of 1 October 2015

  • KI 30/17

    Constitutional review of Judgment Rev. No. 206/2016, of the Supreme Court, of 13 October 2016

  • KI 104/16

    Constitutional review of Judgment PML-KZZ. No. 110/2016, of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, of 16 May 2016

  • KI 33/16

    Constitutional review of Decision No. Decision AC. no. 4276/2014 of the Court of Appeals of the Republic of Kosovo of 9 June 2015


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