Constitutional Review of the Decision of the Supreme Court, Pzd. no. 65/2012, dated 10 September 2012.

Case No. KI 123/12

Applicant: Bajrush Gashi

The applicant, Mr, Bajrush Gashi, filed a Referral pursuant to Article 113,7 of the Constitution of Kosovo, The present Referral is a follow-up of Case No, KI 06/12, The Applicant complains now that the procedure before the District Court were in violation of the Constitution and the Provisional Criminal Procedure Code of Kosovo, On the issue of the admissibility of the Referral, the Court held, that the Referral was inadmissible because the Applicant failed to submit evidence and failed to provide new and sufficient grounds for a new Decision, The Court, therefore, held that the Referral is to be rejected as Inadmissible, because the Constitutional Court has already decided the Applicant’s case with Case No, KI, 06/12,, i,e, the case is res judicata


Bajrush Gashi

Type of Referral:

KI – Individual Referral

Type of act:


Legal remedies are not exhausted

Type of procedure followed before other institutions :