Press release


The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo announces that it has received a Referral submitted by 24 Deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo, represented by Ms. Albulena Haxhiu.  The Referral contains a request for a review of the constitutionality of Decision no. 05-V-139 of the Assembly of 3 August 2015 adopting Amendment XXIV to the Constitution. This Referral is submitted under Article 113.5 of the Constitution.

The Referral is under consideration of the Constitutional Court and a decision will be delivered in due time, in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, the Law on the Constitutional Court and the Rules of Procedure of the Court. The Court’s decision will be made public.

In line with the Court’s consistent practice for Referrals submitted under Article 113.5 of the Constitution, and in line with the scope and subject matter of such Referrals, all relevant parties have been requested for information and comments regarding this Referral.

The President of the Constitutional Court, Ms. Arta Rama-Hajrizi, has responded to any communication addressed to her by the respective authorities, and will continue to do so in accordance with her lawfully mandated competency.