Avdi Kastrati vs. Decision of the District Court of Prizren AC.NO.540, dated 8 june 2009

Case No. KI 53/09

Applicant: Avdi Kastrati

The Applicant submitted the referral opposing the decision of the District Court which had decided to declare valid the decision of the Municipal Court which declared the applicants contract of sale for the contested property between the seller and the applicant as the buyer rejecting the appeal he had made against the seller, He claims that with this decision his rights were violated by the lower courts’ erroneous finding of fact and application of law, without specific reference to how these decisions infringed on his constitutional rights, The Constitutional Court decided to reject applicant’s referral as inadmissible with reasoning that applicant submitted any prima facie evidence indicating a violation of his rights under the Constitution, not specifying how Articles 31 and 54 of the Constitution support his claim


Avdi Kastrati

Type of Referral:

KI – Individual Referral

Type of act:


Referral is manifestly ill-founded

Type of procedure followed before other institutions :