Workshop with new prosecutors of Kosovo


The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo in cooperation with the Academy of Justice of the Republic of Kosovo organized a joint workshop on “The role and competences of the Constitutional Court. Relationship with regular courts and other institutions”, which was held at the Courtroom of the Constitutional Court on Friday, 1 June 2018.

The purpose of the workshop was to inform the newly appointed prosecutors of the Republic of Kosovo about the role and competencies of the Constitutional Court in relation to the regular judiciary, as well about other institutions in the country, for which they were informed more closely by the Chief Legal Advisor of the Court, Sevdail Kastrati.

Advisor Kastrati informed the new prosecutors about the receipt and processing of the referrals submitted by the parties, the admissibility requirements of the referrals as well as individual complaints against the decisions of the regular courts, and in particular of the Supreme Court of Kosovo.

The new prosecutors expressed their interest to being informed into more details regarding the review of complaints by the Constitutional Court related to the length of the court proceedings by the regular courts, the time limits for the review of referrals, as well as the process of reviewing the cases based of the order of their submission/registration.

Regarding the cooperation relationship between the Constitutional Court of Kosovo and the Venice Commission, the new prosecutors were informed in more detail by the Director of the Communication and Information Office, Veton Dula, who is also the liaison officer of the Constitutional Court with the Venice Commission.