The Constitutional Court officials are trained through the Fulbright Specialist Program


The American expert with extensive experience in the field of internal communication and organizational development, also a lecturer at the US Columbia University, Prof. Dr. Aileen Webb, stayed on a visit to the Constitutional Court from December 5th until December 16th, 2022.

During her nearly two-week stay in the Court, Ms. Webb developed and implemented an advanced training program designed specifically for the Constitutional Court officials, covering topics such as: “Good teams and organizational culture“, “Communication and conflict“, “Building teams and trust“, “Change and communication” and “Great meetings“. During these trainings, Ms. Webb shared her theoretical and practical knowledge, in order to build values and principles of good and functional organization within an institution, with a special emphasis on the best methods for building mutual trust, as well as communication and accountability mechanisms within the teams.

The overall training program was aimed at equipping the Court officials with the basic knowledge and skills needed to solve the challenges that inevitably arise in a mutual working environment. Each of the workshops was designed to be interactive and to encourage active participation of the staff, introducing a whole range of combined techniques such as case studies, small group exercises, larger group discussions and individual reflections.

This capacity building program for the Court staff was made possible through the support of the “Fulbright Specialist Program”, funded by the US Department of State, the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and implemented by the US Embassy in Pristina. The court has benefited from this support following an open competitive process and approval of its draft proposal.