Press release


On Tuesday, 19 August 2014, the Committee of Judges established by a decision of the President of the Constitutional Court, has submitted to the Court the final report with the findings concerning the allegations made against Judge Kadri Kryeziu.

Judge Kryeziu also presented his case in front of the Court, admitting that he had erroneous judgment of the situation in which he found himself.  

In accordance with the proposal of Judge Kryeziu and the report of the Committee of Judges, the Court decided to publicly reprimand Judge Kryeziu for this violation and exclude him from participating as a judge of the Constitutional Court on any other case having a political context, where in the proceedings before the Court as a party, inter alia, may appear the President of the Republic of Kosovo, the Assembly of Kosovo, the Government of Kosovo, the Ombudsperson and Municipalities. 

The full text of the Decision of the Court with the reasoning will be posted on the website of the Court in due time.