Press release


Taking into consideration some speculations in the media about the Law on Amnesty, challenged before the Constitutional Court for its constitutionality, the Constitutional Court stresses that the Law has not and cannot enter into force until the Court has rendered its final decision. Law No. 03/L-121 on the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, in its Article 43, paragraph 2, states that:

In the event that a law or decision adopted by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo is contested in accordance with Article 113, Paragraph 5 of the Constitution, such a law or decision shall be sent to the President of the Republic of Kosovo for promulgation in accordance with modalities determined in the final decision of the Constitutional Court on this contest“.

The Constitutional Court would like to draw the attention to the fact that any attempt to publish the Law or to apply it is unconstitutional and such an act is null and void. A law which has not entered into force has, therefore, no legal consequences.

The Republic of Kosovo is a state of the Rule of Law and is striving to become a full member of the Euro-Atlantic institutions. The Constitution and the laws are to be applied in their entirety for the sake of democracy, human rights and prosperity of the Kosovo people.