Press Release

We would like to inform you that the Constitutional Court of Kosovo will hold a public hearing on 13 October 2010 on the Referral KI 08/09 of the Independent Union of the Workers of the IMK Factory regarding the alleged violation of the Constitution, Article 49 [the Right to Work and Exercise Profession] and the right for the compensation of unpaid salaries by PAK (Privatization Agency of Kosovo, established as the successor of the Kosovo Trust Agency under the Law (No. 03/L-067) on the Privatization Agency of Kosovo).
The hearing will be held in the courtroom of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo starting at 11:00 hrs.
The entrance of the public and the media to the courtroom will take place from 10:00 hrs, based on the order of appearance in front of the courtroom. We would also like to inform you that the courtroom space is limited and that the doors of the courtroom will be closed at 10:45 hrs, or as soon as the maximum capacity of the courtroom is reached.
Entrance to the courtroom will be controlled by Kosovo Police officers. All persons except journalists with proper identification cards will be subject to control prior to entering into the courtroom.
For additional information on the abovementioned hearing, please contact the Office of the Secretariat at + 381 38 220 103 or email: [email protected]