New judges informed about the role and function of the Constitutional Court


In the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo a workshop regarding the role and competencies of the Constitutional Court, as well as its relationship with regular courts and other institutions in the country, was held.

The workshop was organized at the initiative of the Academy of Justice of Kosovo and in cooperation with the Constitutional Court, in the framework of the initial training program for newly appointed judges.

During the workshop, the judge of the Constitutional Court, Mr. Nexhmi Rexhepi, informed the new judges more closely about the role, function and jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court in the legal system of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as about the relations with the regular judiciary and the procedures for review of cases by the constitutional judges.

Judge Rexhepi also informed the newly appointed judges about the possibilities offered by incidental control, namely the right enjoyed by the regular courts to address the Constitutional Court with requests related to the constitutional compatibility of a law that may have been challenged during the court proceedings.

During the workshop, the manner of submitting referrals to the Constitutional Court, the authorized parties, the time limit for reviewing cases, as well as the relations of professional cooperation of the Court with the Venice Commission and the European Court of Human Rights were discussed.