Tomë Krasniqi vs. Radio Television of Kosovo and Kosovo Energy Corporation

Case No. KI 11/09


The applicant filed a referral whereby he requests the imposition of the interim measure for suspending the collection of 3,5 Euros as a fee for payment for Radio television of Kosovo (RTK), through electric energy bills, He contends that this method of collection is a result of an illegal contract, which violates the public interest, He also contends that the amount paid is too high and that such a collection discriminates many citizens since it is calculated per every electric meter, rather than every family as requested by the Law on Radio Television of Kosovo, While recalling the importance of financing of the public broadcaster, but not agreeing with this method of collection, the Constitutional Court decided to allow granting the interim measures against further implementation of Article 20,1 of the Law on Radio Television of Kosovo, with the reasoning that the public interest of citizens was violated, same as the personal interest of the applicant , Furthermore, the Court recommended to the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo to review the nature of Article in question until a decision on merits of the case is taken


Tomë Krasniqi

Type of Referral:

KI – Individual Referral

Type of act:


Decision on interim measure