Pupils of the primary school “Faik Konica” in Prishtina visited the Court


A group of pupils of the primary school “Faik Konica” in Prishtina visited the Constitutional Court on Friday, 30 November 2018.

The pupils were received by the Chief Legal Advisor of the Court, Mr. Sevdail Kastrati, and the Director of the Communication and Information Office, Mr. Veton Dula.

During the conversation with the pupils of primary school, Advisor Kastrati initially made a brief presentation about the background of the establishment of the Constitutional Court, speaking further about the composition, function and mandate of this institution under the Constitution.

How the referrals are submitted and who are the parties authorized to file a referral based on the Constitution, the process of registration and review of cases and the manner of deciding the cases in the Court, were just some of the topics about which the pupils of the primary school “Faik Konica” were informed at the meeting.

The visit of pupils was realized with a purpose of their awareness and closer acquaintance with the work and manner of functioning of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo.