Press Release


We would like to inform you that on November 30 , 2009 the Constitutional Court of Kosovo is going to held a hearing regarding to the request for evaluating of the constitutionality in case KO 01/09the Evaluation of Constitutionality of Article 7 of the Statute of the Municipality of Prizren.

The hearing will be held in the courtroom of the University of Prishtina Faculty of Law , starting at 15:00.
The entrance of the public and the media in the courtroom will take place between 14:00 and 14:40 , based on the order of appearance in front of the courtroom.

We inform you that the courtroom space is limited and that the doors of the courtroom will be closed at 14:40 or as soon as the maximum capacity of the courtroom is reached , whichever occurs earlier. In light of this , we invite you to appear in front of the courtroom before 14:00.

Access to the courtroom will be controlled by Officers of the Kosovo Police. All persons except for journalists with proper identification cards will be subject to control prior to entering the courtroom.
For additional information on the aforementioned hearing , please contact the Office of the Secretary General at + 381 38 220 104 or email address [email protected].