Press Release

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, on April 30, 2010, will hold a Public Hearing related to the case file KI 40/09: Organizational Council of 49 Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEC) employees versus the Decisions of Supreme Court of the Republic of Kosovo.
The Hearing will commence at 15.00 pm, in the Courtroom of the Law Faculty, University of Prishtina.
Entry for the public and media representatives shall commence at 14:00 pm, in the order of appearance.
Please note that the seating is limited and the gates of the courtroom will close at 14.40 pm or, if the maximum seating capacity is reached, at an earlier hour.
Taking this into consideration, it is recommended to arrive at the courtroom before 14:00 pm.
Kosovo Police Officers shall inspect the courtroom before allowing entry.
All persons seeking admission in the courtroom, with the exception of journalists, cameramen and news reporters in possession of regular IDs, will be subjected to a body search.
For additional information on the public hearing, please contact the Public Relations Office, in the tel. number 038/220-107, or email: [email protected]