Press release


The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo in cooperation with the Academy of Justice of the Republic of Kosovo organized a joint workshop on the topic, “The Role and Jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court. Relation with Ordinary Courts and Other Institutions. Requirements under Articles 113.7 and 113.8 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo”, which was held at the Courtroom of the Constitutional Court on Wednesday, 20 December 2017.

The workshop aimed at informing new judges of the ordinary courts in the Republic of Kosovo about the role and jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court in relation to ordinary judiciary and other levels of power. The attendees were informed about these matters into more detail by the Chief Legal Advisor of the Court, Mr. Sevdail Kastrati, and Legal Advisor Mrs. Arbana Beqiri-Plakolli.

During the workshop, legal advisors Kastrati and Beqiri-Plakolli informed the new judges into more detail about the workflow process in the Constitutional Court, receipt and processing of the referrals submitted by different parties, admissibility criteria for the submitted referrals and decision-making process of judges.

Their presentation focused particularly on the review of decisions of the public authorities vis-à-vis Chapter II of the Constitution by the Constitutional Court and the review of challenged acts vis-à-vis the Constitution by the ordinary courts.

A brief presentation on relations of the Constitutional Court with the Venice Commission, receipt of the requests with questions submitted by the constitutional courts and supreme courts of member states via the Venice Commission Forum, and submission of the requests of the Court to this forum, was made by Mr. Veton Dula, Head of Communication and Information Office and Liaison Officer of the Constitutional Court with the Venice Commission.