The new Rules of Procedure of the Constitutional Court published


On the Constitutional Court’s website, the Rules of Procedure of the Court with the latest amendments is published, which can be found by visiting the section “The Constitutional Court/Legal Base” of the website or by clicking directly on the link:

The new Rules of Procedure contain some amendments approved by the Court, where with particular relevance for the Applicants in the future are the changes made to the Rule with respect to the admissibility criteria of the submitted referrals.

Unlike the previous Rules of Procedure, where “Admissibility Criteria” were placed under Rule 36 of the Rules, in the new Rules of Procedure the “Admissibility Criteria” are now under Rule 39.

In addition, the special provisions regarding the procedures relating to referrals filed under Article 113 of the Constitution of Kosovo are now reflected in Chapter VII of the Rules of Procedure.

The Rules of Procedure of the Court will also be published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Kosovo.