Council of Europe and Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo with a support project for the Constitutional Court


The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo in cooperation with the Council of Europe Office in Prishtina and with the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo organized a joint workshop on the topic: “Improving the Protection of European Human Rights Standards by the Constitutional Court”, which was held in Swiss Diamond Hotel in Prishtina.

The workshop marked the commencement of the project supported by the Council of Europe Office in Prishtina and the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo, which aims at advancing the professional capacities of the Constitutional Court with a view of having a more effective application of European standards in the examination of individual complaints and in the communication with the public.

The President of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, Mrs. Arta Rama-Hajrizi, the Head of the Council of Europe Office in Prishtina, Mrs. Isabelle Servoz-Gallucci, the Ambassador of Norway in Kosovo, Mr. Per Strand Sjaastad, and the Head of South-eastern Europe and Turkey Unit of the Council of Europe and the coordinator of this project, Mr. Daniel Schmidt, addressed the participants of the workshop.

After expressing her gratitude for the continued support provided to the Constitutional Court by the Council of Europe Office in Prishtina and the Norwegian Embassy, President Rama-Hajrizi stated, among others, that “this project is expected to help even more the Constitutional Court of Kosovo to fulfil its mission in the protection and application of the constitutionality in the country, especially now that we are entering the first decade of the work and after the leaving of the international judges and advisors”.

The independence of the constitutional courts and regional courts in the consideration of human rights related cases was one of the topics discussed in the course of the workshop, where among the panel speakers was Mr. Bajram Ljatifi, the Deputy-President of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo.