Workshop on European standards of admissibility criteria of referrals


The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, in cooperation with the Council of Europe Office in Prishtina, organized a joint workshop on the “European Standards on Human Rights on Admissibility Criteria”, which was held at Hotel Emerald on Tuesday, on 9 July 2019.

The right of individuals to file a referral with the constitutional courts, the inadmissibility of referrals regarding the jurisdiction of the court and the admissibility criteria of the referrals applied by the European Court of Human Rights were just some of the topics discussed in this workshop.

The main speakers at the workshop were: Bajram Ljatifi, Deputy President of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, Ms. Manuela Brillat, professor of human rights at the University of Strasbourg and Ms. Heidi Lempio, former EULEX human rights and legal officer. The workshop marks the following activity in the framework of the project supported by the Council of Europe Office in Prishtina and the Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo, aimed at advancing the professional capacities of the Constitutional Court, with a view to more effective implementation of the European standards in addressing the individual complaints and communication with the public.