The youth of political parties of Kosovo visited the Court


In the framework of the training program organized by the NGO “Balkans Group”, with the topic: “Youth in Politics: Governance and Political Systems”, activists of the youth forums of the political parties of Kosovo visited the Constitutional Court.

They were hosted at the meeting by Judges Mrs. Selvete Gërxaliu – Krasniqi and Mr. Nexhmi Rexhepi, who during their presentation discussed the role and importance of the Constitutional Court in the legal system of the Republic of Kosovo, the first and current composition of constitutional judges, the relationship with regular courts and other state authorities in the country, and the parties authorized to submit constitutional complaints.

During the meeting, the young politicians expressed their interest in being informed in more detail about the types of decisions rendered by the Court, the voting process and the quorum necessary for the decision-making of judges, the nature of constitutional referrals and their number, as well as the possibilities of appealing decisions of the Constitutional Court.