The Court was visited by students of the Faculty of Law of “AAB” College


The Constitutional Court was visited by a group of students at the Faculty of Law of the College “AAB” in Prishtina on Thursday, 18 April 2019.

The students were received in a meeting by the Senior Legal Advisor of the Constitutional Court, Mr. Bardh Bokshi and the Director of the Communication and Information Office (CIO), Mr. Veton Dula.

Advisor Bokshi initially notified the students more closely with the organizational structure and the composition of the Court, the procedures for the selection and appointment of constitutional judges, the decision-making process of the Court, as well as the competences and responsibilities the Constitutional Court enjoys based on the Constitution.

During the meeting, Advisor Bokshi highlighted some of the most important judgments of the Court in the area of violations of human rights by public authorities, the conflict of constitutional competences between various state authorities, and the maintenance of functional independence of the independent institutions.

He also discussed the importance and constitutional obligation to implement the case law of the European Court on Human Rights in the decision-making of the Constitutional Court as well as of the courts of other instances of the regular judiciary in the Republic of Kosovo. The students expressed their interest to be informed in more detail about the implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights, the process of filing referrals with the Court, the nature of the submitted referrals, the length of the case review, and the treatment of media and public questions about the cases under consideration.