Students of law faculties visited the Court


A group of final year students of law faculties from universities around the country, accompanied by representatives of the Kosovo Law Institute (KLI), visited the Constitutional Court.
The students were welcomed at the meeting by the President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Gresa Caka – Nimani and the Jurisconsult of the Court, Mr. Sevdail Kastrati.

The role and function of the Constitutional Court in the state system of the Republic of Kosovo, its composition in the first years of operation with international judges and staff, the sources of the constitutional law and the exhaustion of legal remedies prior to filing referrals before the Court, were just a few among the topics that the president Caka – Nimani discussed in front of the students.

The future jurists, meanwhile, expressed their interest in being informed in more detail about the application of the case law of the European Court of Human Rights in the Court’s decision-making, about the selection process and mandate of the constitutional judges, as well as about the right to appeal decisions of the Constitutional Court.