The Constitutional Court is following with concern the threatening public discourse that has been going on in recent days by the President and the caretaker Prime Minister, as well as other holders of institutional and political functions, who are trying to influence or prejudice the decision-making of the Constitutional Court on the matter of the President’s Decree on the appointment of candidate for the formation of the new Government by accusing each other of putting pressure on the Constitutional Court by the other party.

The Constitutional Court strongly condemns this interference in its institutional independence, as well as the efforts of political and institutional actors to involve the Constitutional Court in daily political debates.

The Constitutional Court also condemns just as harshly the mentioning of individual judges as persons who have individual decision-making authorizations or responsibilities in this matter.

The Constitutional Court recalls that it acts as a whole, based on the constitutional and legal provisions governing its decision-making.

The Constitutional Court assures the public that it will not succumb to such pressures and threats, and that there is no need for political or public protection from anyone, because the Constitution and the law provide all the necessary guarantees to act independently and impartially.

Finally, the Constitutional Court calls on all the parties to the proceedings to refrain from comments and actions aimed at influencing or prejudicing the decision-making of the Constitutional Court, in this or any other case.