Public hearing on 10 February 2020


In the Courtroom of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, on Monday, 10 February 2020, a public hearing will be held, in which the Referral with case number KI56/18 will be considered, and it’s subject of constitutional review is “the inability of the Applicant to register his deceased son, who died in Sweden, in the Principal Death Register in Kosovo”.

In his Referral, the Applicant alleges that in the case of his deceased son, the decisions of the Municipality of Prishtina, of the Civil Registration Agency within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and of the regular courts in Kosovo, were rendered in violation of his fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by Articles: 24 [Equality Before the Law], 31 [Right to Fair and Impartial Trial], 53 [Interpretation of Human Rights Provisions] and 54 [Judicial Protection of Rights] of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo.

In this public hearing, the Applicant, the representative of the Civil Registration Agency within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the representative of the civil status sector in the Directorate of Administration of the Municipality of Prishtina were invited to attend.

The public hearing will begin at 10:00 hrs. The doors of the Courtroom for the reception of citizens and media interested to attend the public hearing will open at 09:30 hrs.