Public hearing held on case KI56/18


In the Courtroom of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo a public hearing was held, in which the Referral with case number KI56/18 was considered, whose subject of constitutional review was, “the inability of the Applicant to register his deceased son, who died in Sweden, in the Principal Death Register in Kosovo”.

The Applicant, the representative of the Civil Registration Agency within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the representative of the civil status sector in the Directorate of Administration of the Municipality of Prishtina attended the public hearing.

After the Applicant and other parties involved in the case presented their main arguments, they answered to several questions asked by the Judges of the Constitutional Court regarding the subject matter. The Court set a one-week time limit for all the parties involved in the case to submit additional documents and their final comments on the case. After the ending of the time limit for submission of comments and additional documents, the Court will decide on the merits of the case, and the involved parties in this case as well as the public shall be informed thereof in due time.