Press release


Today, in the courtyard of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo was found a hand grenade, which was eliminated by means of controlled explosion by the relevant units of the Kosovo Police, fortunately without casualties or material damages.

The Constitutional Court strongly condemns this act of violence, which directly affects the safety, health and lives of the officials and Judges of the Court. This violent act, aimed at intimidating Judges and other officials of the Constitutional Court, represents a direct attack against the constitutional order of the Republic of Kosovo.

The ease at which this violent attack was carried out against the Court proves the fragility of the rule of law and security that has come to existence in the country as a result of political tensions, which have made the Constitutional Court a target of such attacks.

Despite this violent attack, the Constitutional Court remains steadfast in its mission to protect the constitutionality and respect for the rights and freedoms of every one and each citizen of the Republic of Kosovo.

The Constitutional Court would like to thank the staff of the law enforcement authorities for the professionalism demonstrated in managing the situation and, at the same time, calls upon the justice authorities to identify and hold responsible before the law direct perpetrators and instigators of this serious crime.