Press release


On Tuesday 5 March 2013, a public hearing will be held at the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo on the Referral KO97/12, whose subject matter is constitutional review of Articles 90, 95 (1.6), 110, 111 and 116 of the Law on Banks, Microfinance Institutions and non-bank Financial Institutions, no. 04/L-093, adopted by the Assembly on 12 April 2012.

At this public hearing are invited the Applicants, representatives of the Ombudsman, opposing parties, the Parliamentary Committee on legislation, as well as the interested parties from the Central Bank of Kosovo, the Department of Registration and Liaison with NGO-s within the Ministry of Public Administration and the Ministry of Finance. 

The public hearing will start at 11:00 hrs. The doors of the Courtroom will open at 10:30 hrs for reception of the interested citizens and the media.