Press release


The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kosovo, Prof. Dr. Hajredin Kuçi, yesterday sent a message of congratulations to the President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, Prof. dr. Enver Hasani, on the occasion of the marking of Court’s Third Judicial Year.

Please find below the content of the message:

“Dear President Hasani,

Today at the Third Judicial Year, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo as the highest body for the control and interpretation of the Constitution should be highly assessed for its work done over the last years in Kosovo in making a contribution to the rule of law and constitutionality.

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo during these three years through its work and commitment has managed to rightfully preserve the epithet of the Guardian of the Constitution.  

Under your leadership, thanks to the professional Judges of your Court and your work full of dedication, the Constitutional Court has pushed forward many important processes in Kosovo. 

The final interpretation of the constitutional norms, laws, other legal acts, as well as the protection and guaranteeing of human rights and freedoms have been a big challenge for the work of the Court.  

However, the commitment and professionalism that the Judges of this Court have showed in the interpretation of the Constitution have turned this body into one of the most respected and reliable institutions for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

Today as we recall and evaluate the unexampled work that the Constitutional Court has done during these years, we wish that this Court continue to show commitment in the correct interpretation of the Constitution also in the future in order to guarantee the institutional stability and the respecting of the human rights and freedoms in the Republic of Kosovo.   

As a Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, allow me at the end to reiterate my readiness to the further fruitful cooperation of other Government institutions of the Republic of Kosovo so that we would achieve together a further advancing of the rule of law in our country.”