Press Release


During the Session held on 27 September 2010 the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo deliberated and voted in the Case KO 80/10, “The Referral of the President of the Republic of Kosovo for Clarification of regarding the Jurisdiction over the Case of Rahovec Mayor Mr. Qazim Qeska”.
In this case, the President of the Republic raises the question on ‘Which institution in the Republic of Kosovo is responsible for assessing the effectiveness and the validity of the resignation and for confirming the eventual expiry of Mayor’s term of office ( … )”
The Court unanimously decided that the Referral is admissible and that any resignation of any mayor is final and definitive and that puts an end of a mayor’s mandate. The constitutional consequences of that act are the calling for elections by the President of the Republic in order to ensure the right of the citizens to enjoy the right to a free and equal vote in establishing their local self-government.
The full text of the judgment will be published in two weeks time .