President Caka – Nimani received in a meeting the Ombudspersons of Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia


The President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Gresa Caka – Nimani, received in a meeting a delegation composed of the Ombudsperson of Kosovo, Mr. Naim Qelaj, the Ombudsperson of Albania, Ms. Erinda Ballanca, the Ombudsperson of North Macedonia, Mr. Naser Zyberi, and the Commissioner of Albania for Protection from Discrimination, Mr. Robert Gajda.

After informing the guests about the consolidation of the case law of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo in line with international standards for the protection of human rights, President Caka – Nimani noted the importance of the stability of the case law of courts in the delivery of justice to citizens, respecting the principle of legal certainty.

During the meeting, all parties confirmed the noble mission of the constitutional courts and of the ombudsperson institutions in ensuring the democratic functioning of the state mechanisms for the protection of human rights, in which case they exchanged mutual experience regarding constitutional complaints and problems which the citizens of different categories in their countries face with.

At the meeting the reform and strengthening of the state legal framework regarding human rights, as well as the continuous information of citizens regarding their guaranteed rights and freedoms were also assessed as of special importance.