President Caka – Nimani received in a meeting the Director of the USAID Mission in Kosovo


The President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Gresa Caka-Nimani, received in an introductory meeting the new Director of the USAID Mission in Kosovo, Ms. Zeinah Salahi.

During the meeting, President Caka – Nimani briefly informed Ms. Salahi about the priorities in her mandate as President of the Constitutional Court, the challenges faced in the work so far and the efforts that are being made to advance the professional and infrastructural capacities of the Court, with the assistance of the international donors as well.

After expressing her gratitude to the USAID Mission in Kosovo for the support provided to the Constitutional Court over the years, President Caka-Nimani made a more detailed presentation on the projects included in the new Strategic Plan of the Court, with particular emphasis on the consolidation of the case law and the quality of decisions according to the European standards, advancing the electronic case management system and improvement of communication with the public.

Ms. Salahi, for her part, pledged to continue USAID support for the Constitutional Court, as well as other institutions in the country, in order to strengthen the rule of law and protect human rights.