President Caka – Nimani hosted in a meeting the US Ambassador Philip S. Kosnett


The President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Gresa Caka – Nimani, hosted today in a meeting the Ambassador of the United States of America to Kosovo, Mr. Philip S. Kosnett.

After thanking him for the visit, President Caka-Nimani notified Ambassador Kosnett on the work of the Court so far as well as her priorities during her three-year mandate as the head of the Constitutional Court.

She expressed gratitude for the support that the US Government has provided to the Constitutional Court through various projects for its institutional consolidation since its establishment and stressed the need for this support to continue in the future.

After wishing success to Mrs. Caka – Nimani as President of the Court, Ambassador Kosnett has pledged to continue the support of the United States for the Constitutional Court and other institutions in the country, in order to strengthen the independent judiciary and the rule of law in the Republic of Kosovo.