Notification on the work of the Constitutional Court


In accordance with the recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and having regard to the general situation in the country, after the confirmation of the first cases with the COVID-19 virus, the Constitutional Court has decided to reduce its public and official activities.

However, in order to respect the right of all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo to submit their constitutional complaints and that the latter are dealt with irrespective of the current situation, the Court will during this period of time continue to work with the reduced staff, who will be physically present in their working places. All judges will continue their work from their homes and will be available to deal with any urgent referral that may be filed with the Court. Also, all Court advisors and the Secretariat officials, with the exception of those who will be on duty in the Court, will continue to work from their homes, as far as it is possible in these circumstances.

The Constitutional Court will therefore continue to receive the submissions of citizens and of all authorized parties during the official working hours, as on any other business day (08:00 – 16:00). But, in order to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus, all interested parties are encouraged  to submit their referrals during this time, if possible, electronically, in the official email of the Court: [email protected]. The Referral Form and Instructions for Completing the Referral Form can be downloaded from the Constitutional Court website:

With regard to the time limit for the submission of referrals, the Court recalls that in accordance with Article 50 of Law 03/L-121 on the Constitutional Court: “If a claimant without his/her fault has not been able to submit the referral within the set deadline, the Constitutional Court, based on such a request, is obliged to return it to previous situation. The claimant should submit the request for returning to previous situation within 15 days from the removal of obstacle and should justify such a request. The return to the previous situation is not permitted if one year or more have passed from the day the deadline set in this Law has expired.

This notification is valid until the next notification by the Court.