International students of human rights visited the Court


The Judge of the Constitutional Court, Mrs. Remzije Istrefi-Peci, and Acting Secretary General of the Constitutional Court, Mr. Veton Dula, hosted in a joint meeting a group of international students of the European Master’s Program in Human Rights and Democratization (EMA) from university campuses in Vienna and Venice.

The history of the establishment of the Constitutional Court and the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, the Court’s role and responsibilities, as well the jurisdiction and authorized parties to file referrals were only some of the topics on which Judge Istrefi – Peci discussed in her presentation.

Judge Istrefi – Peci continued by informing the international students about the application of the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights and the constitutional obligation to respect the European Convention on Human Rights in the decision-making process of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo.

Following a presentation by Acting Secretary General on the current structure of the Court and its first composition with international judges and legal advisers, the students expressed their interest to be informed more thoroughly on the nature of the decisions issued by the Court, the most frequent reasons for declaring the submitted referrals inadmissible and the duration of the review of cases.