Handover Ceremony of the Office of the President of the Constitutional Court was held


In an official ceremony held in the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, today took place the solemn handover of the Office of the President of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo between the outgoing President, Mrs. Arta Rama-Hajrizi, and the incoming President, Mrs. Gresa Caka-Nimani.

In her farewell speech, Mrs. Rama spoke about the challenges faced and the achievements of the Constitutional Court during the two terms as head of this institution, on which occasion in addition to the Judges, she thanked the entire staff of the Court for their cooperation and tireless work, stating that “only through joint dedication and work did the Court succeed in overcoming all challenges, starting with the transition from a mixed international and national composition, significant improvement of the quality of written decisions and reasoning, increase of the integrity and respect of the public towards the Court and, most importantly, the consolidation of the original role of the Court, which is the protection of the spirit of the Constitution, the constitutional system and the rights and freedoms of every citizen of the Republic of Kosovo”. She further recalled that, “through the decisions we have taken, we have been considered as one of the best courts in the region, and as a result, we have managed to strengthen cooperation with other courts, partnership with the Venice Commission, cooperation with the Council of Europe and recently also the European Court of Human Rights as well”.

Finally, Mrs. Rama-Hajrizi expressed her conviction that under the leadership of President Caka-Nimani, the Constitutional Court of Kosovo will mark new successes in the future and will further consolidate its case-law in line with the European standards of constitutional justice.

After the ceremonial acceptance of the office, President Caka-Nimani underlined the importance of the independence of the Constitutional Court and its determining role in maintaining the constitutional order and constitutional values, balancing and separation of powers, advancing the rule of law and democratic order, and protection of the rights and fundamental freedoms of all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. She also emphasized her honor and responsibility to contribute, in cooperation with all the Judges of the Court and the support staff, to the further consolidation and advancement of constitutional justice in the Republic of Kosovo. Speaking on behalf of all Judges and officials of the Court, President Caka-Nimani thanked Mrs. Rama-Hajrizi for the dedication and tireless work during her term as a Judge and President of the Constitutional Court.

The term of the President of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, Mrs. Gresa Caka-Nimani, is three years.