Announcement regarding the request of the deputies of Vetëvendosje Movement


The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo received on Thursday, 30 April 2020, at around 17:00, a referral submitted by 30 deputies of the Parliamentary Group of Movement VETËVENDOSJE!, which requests a constitutional review of Decree no. 24/2020, dated 30 April 2020, of the President of the Republic of Kosovo.

In addition, in the referral, the deputies’ applicants requested the Court to impose an interim measure suspending the implementation of the said Decree.

For the purposes of urgent and comprehensive review of the Referral with case no. KO72/20, yesterday the Court sent notifications requesting from all interested parties in this case to submit:

a) Comments regarding the request for imposition of interim measure to the official email of the Constitutional Court today, 1 May 2020, by 12:00 hrs.
b) Comments on the merits of the referral to the Court until 8 May 2020, at 16:00 hrs.

The notification about registration of the referral submitted by the deputies and the submission of comments has already been sent to: The President of Kosovo, the Prime Minister of Kosovo; the President of the Assembly of Kosovo, with the specific request that the copy of the referral be sent to all deputies of the Assembly; and the Ombudsperson.

The Constitutional Court is committed to addressing this case with urgency and high priority in accordance with its constitutional responsibilities and function.