How to apply?

The initiation of proceeding before the Constitutional Court is made through a referral to the Court.  Referrals are submitted in writing to the Secretariat of the Constitutional Court. The Secretariat immediately registers each referral in the Registrar of the Constitutional Court according to its order of submission. Referrals should be justified and necessary supporting information and documents should be attached.

The appeal may be lodged with the Court either in person or by mail. Applying to the Constitutional Court is facilitated by means of an appeal form. The Court’s Registry will assist you in filling in the form. You may send your inquiries to the following email address: [email protected]

Who is eligible to lodge a referral?

According to the Constitution of Kosovo, the petitioner can be either Institutions or individuals (a physical or legal person).

What is the procedure before the Court?

In the event that the Constitutional Court finds the appeal admissible, it will request the respondent party to submit its reply or documents. Failure on the part of the respondent party to reply will not affect the proceedings before the Constitutional Court. The procedure is conducted in writing. However, the Court may decide to hold a public hearing when the issue pertinent to the adoption of a decision requires previous discussion. The appellant may present his/her case before the Constitutional court or he/she may designate a person to represent him/her. In the latter case, the appellant is advised to engage a lawyer to present the case. Your representative is obliged to produce a power of attorney.

  • KI 114/16

    Constitutional review of Judgment [Api-Kzi-6/2011] of the Supreme Court of Kosovo of 25 September 2012, and of Judgment [Ap-Kz. no. 283/2009] of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, 19 April 2011

  • KI 23/16

    Constitutional assessment of the duration of the proceedings before the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court on Privatization Agency of Kosovo Related Matters

  • KI 119/16

    Constitutional review of “Decision SCL-11-0055 of the Appellate Panel of the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo on Privatization Agency of Kosovo Related Matters of 07 June 2016 “

  • KI 02/17

    Constitutional review of Judgment (GSK-KPA-A-015/2014 of 20 April 2016) of the Kosovo Property Agency Appeals Panel of the Supreme Court of Kosovo


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