Press release

Press release

15 September 2017

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo and the Council of Europe Office in Prishtina organized a workshop on “Crisis Communication: ECtHR and its best practices”, which was held in “Villa Gërmia” in Prishtina on Friday, 15 September 2017.

Special guest and also a moderator of the workshop was Mrs. Tracy Turner-Trenz, Senior Information Officer at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), seated in Strasbourg.

During the presentation held before the judges, the legal advisors and other officials of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, Mrs. Turner-Trenz initially made a brief description of the work, the role and the function performed by the European Court of Human Rights.

Further on, she discussed into more details about the responsibilities and the work performed by the Media Office of the ECtHR, providing practical examples of everyday communication with the public and various media throughout Europe.

Mrs. Turner-Trenz paid special attention to the ECtHR communication with the media in times of crisis, highlighting for the participants of the workshop some concrete cases that she was faced with and providing detailed explanations as to when and how this international court and its Media Office have reacted to these challenges.

  • KI 11/17

    Constitutional review of Decision AC-I-12-0050-A0001 of 06 October 2016 of the Appellate Panel of the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo on Privatization Agency of Kosovo Related Matters

  • KI 29/17

    Constitutional review of Judgment Rev. No. 343/2016 of the Supreme Court of 16 January 2017

  • KI 44/17

    Constitutional review of Decision A. No. 503/2006 TAK of the Independent Review Board of 17 September 2013

  • KI 70/16

    Constitutional review of Judgment Rev. No. 185/2015, of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kosovo, of 28 December 2015


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