Press release

Press release

03 March 2017

The Deputy President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, Prof. Dr. Ivan Çukaloviq, received in a meeting the President of the European Association for Education Law and Policy and the Former Chair of the Right to Education of UNESCO, Prof. Dr. Jan De Groof.

During the conversation, Deputy President Çukaloviq informed Professor De Groof about the organization and functioning of the Court, the work done so far, and the enforcement of its decisions by other public authorities in the country.

Deputy President Çukaloviq also made a short elaboration about the decision-making process and the compliance with the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights during the review of referrals, whereupon he highlighted the valuable contribution of the international judges of the Constitutional Court.    

Cooperation with counterpart institutions in the region and beyond, membership in international organizations, the process for the appointment of judges and the challenges that Kosovo constitutional judiciary is currently facing, were among the topics of the joint discussion.

Having thanked Deputy Çukaloviq for the hospitality, Prof. De Groof highly appreciated the achievements of the Constitutional Court so far and stressed out the importance of maintaining its institutional impartiality and independence.

  • KI 07/17

    Constitutional Review of the Judgment Pml. No. 228/2016 of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, of 20 October 2016 and Judgment PAKR No. 231/2015 of the Court of Appeals, of 6 August 2015

  • KI 127/15

    Request for constitutional review of the proceedings pending before the regular courts of the Republic of Kosovo regarding the Case C. No. 850/07 (P. no. 850/07)

  • KI 31/17

    Constitutional review of Decision CLM No. 10/2016 of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, of 24 August 2016

  • KI 141/16

    Constitutional review of Decision KA. No. 339/2016 of 15 April 2016 of the Court of Appeals of Kosovo, and Notification KMLK. No. 7/16 of 29 July 2016 of the Chief State Prosecutor of the Republic of Kosovo


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