Press release

Press release

01 February 2017

At the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo, on Wednesday, 1 February 2017, a workshop on “The role and the powers of the Constitutional Court: Relation with regular courts and other institutions” was held.

Organized at the initiative of the Kosovo Judicial Institute and in cooperation with the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, the workshop was attended by 17 new prosecutors of Basic Prosecution Offices from various cities of the country.

The Judge of the Constitutional Court, Mrs. Gresa Caka-Nimani, and the Chief Legal Advisor of the Constitutional Court, Mr. Sevdail Kastrati, informed the new prosecutors about the work process and the role that the Constitutional Court plays vis-à-vis the legislative, executive and regular judiciary branches of power, as well as the effects of the Court decisions.

The submission of referrals to the Constitutional Court by authorized parties under the Constitution and the admissibility criteria for filed referrals were among the topics discussed in the workshop.

A particular focus was also put on the rights that regular courts enjoy to address themselves to the Constitutional Court through referrals related to the constitutional compatibility of a particular law that might have been impugned in the course of judicial proceedings.

  • KI 25/16

    Constitutional review of Decision AC-I-13-0127 of the Appellate Panel of the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court on Privatization Agency of Kosovo Related Matters, of 1 October 2015

  • KI 30/17

    Constitutional review of Judgment Rev. No. 206/2016, of the Supreme Court, of 13 October 2016

  • KI 104/16

    Constitutional review of Judgment PML-KZZ. No. 110/2016, of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, of 16 May 2016

  • KI 33/16

    Constitutional review of Decision No. Decision AC. no. 4276/2014 of the Court of Appeals of the Republic of Kosovo of 9 June 2015


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